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ABRA Surgical

Subcutaneous Traction for Open Wounds

ABRA® Surgical engages full-thickness skin and closes moderate tension, retracted skin defects. A sound primary closure replaces skin grafting and the associated rehabilitation, pain and loss of function.

ABRA® Surgical is indicated for retracted skin defects, fasciotomies, compound fracture wounds and abdominal wounds over mesh or hernia.

Achieves a primary closure
Normalizes compartment pressures
Restores normal skin integrity
Eliminates need to skin graft

Promotes patient mobility
Reduces OR visits
Reduces hospital length of stay and costs
Reduces homecare expenses

How it works:
The ABRA® Surgical Skin Closure system restores the primary closure option for high-tension, retracted skin defects. Over time this dynamic wound closure system pulls the skin margins together under tolerable tension while normalizing compartment pressures. This ABRA system eliminates the need to graft by re-approximating the skin margins, resulting in a primary closure.