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BloodSTOP iX

BloodSTOP iX Absorbable Haemostat (water-soluble, oxidized-etherified regenerated celllose) is used adjunctively in surgical procedures to assist in the control of capillary, venous and small arterial heamorrhage when surgical haemostasis is inadequate or impractical.
It is used to control diffuse bleeding from:

– Cut surfaces of solid organs
– Peritoneal or pleural surfaces
– Bleeding near nerves – where there is risk of cautery-induced damage
– Bleeding near any vital structures at risk for cautery-nduced injury
– Bleeding from vascular structures and grafts due to suture holes
– Bleeding in exodontial and oral surgery

  • BloodStop iX is a passive haemostat as it works by acting as a barrier rather than stimulating a chemical response
  • It seals the wound which in turn creates a barrier – forcing platelets to aggregate at the wound surface (versus in the dressing)
  • Platelets aggregating initiates coagulation, starting the clotting process
  • Other products initiate clotting in the dressing – meaning more blood loss and slower haemostasis
  • BloodSTop iX initiates clotting at the wound surface quickly – meaning less Blood loss